Welcome to the website of the River of Life Foundation! Our aim is to care, educate and equip South Sudan.

Wanding Health Centre: postponed

Back in 2016 our chairman Sarah Tut went to Ethiopia to work for an NGO for 8 months. This was in Tirgol / Akobo in the Gambella region, not far from Wanding. Sarah regularly visited the Wanding area during her stay there. There are many people who have fled from South Sudan because of the civil war in the country. Unfortunately the violence has also reached Wanding, which means we have to postpone the plans for the construction of Wanding health center.

Since 2012, the Foundation has worked hard to raise funds for the “Wanding Health Center” project. The aim was to improve the health condition of the people of Wanding in South Sudan and the surrounding area. Unfortunately, the project had to discontinue due to the ongoing conflict in the country since December 2013. This made communication with contacts in South Sudan more difficult. Also, due to the unsafe situation in the country, the chairman was unable to travel to Juba, the capital of South Sudan, to arrange the necessary documents to realize the project. We cannot get many funds without these documents. Moreover, there were frequent doubts as to whether the construction of a health center in a war zone is a sensible idea.

For the reasons mentioned above, we are forced to rethink and look for other options. Unfortunately the needs are highest during war times. The board has therefore decided to postpone the ‘Wanding Health Center’ project for a while.

New project: Matthew Koang Jiing Primary School

We are currently preparing to start a small-scale project. The goal is to support the children of Wanding with educational activities. For more information, click here.

Foundation registered in South Sudan

In November 2019 we succeeded in registering the River of Life Foundation as a local NGO in South Sudan. The big advantage of this is that we are eligible for funds from larger organizations working in South Sudan. Our representative in the capital, Juba, works hard to network and we work with him to ensure that all required documents are available to operate.

Everyone can help! The River of Life Foundation needs financial resources but also people who want to use their talents. You can support us financially through: NL43 ABNA 062 287 7720

We want to thank our donors and volunteers for their confidence in our foundation.